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��e\cn, parallel rows, count one row and multiply by the number of rows. As a rule 7>i will run 430 to the trap loiid, 8 will run 500 to 525. The J'^i is the best size, taking wind\' da>-s antl all into consideration.

Then we tape off just fort\- \ards from the board, aim carefulK' at the center of the paper and fire a load at it. See that the gun appar- ent 1>' shoots straight — puts the center of the load where you aimed, or a bit higher.

W i 't h a fifteen- inch piece of string c a r r >■ i n g a

pencil at the end, we describe a thirt\- inch circle around what is a[)parenll\' the center of the "pattern," shown by the shot marks in the paper. Checking off each hole with a mark of the pencil, we count the marks in the magic circle.

The gun you want must put from seventy to sevent\-five per cent of its


��He can advise you of their suitability for the clay birds. In this as in most games, the ad\'ice and guidance of the experienced shot is worth more than any printed page.

To back up, the gun shooter needs a shooting jersey, either without shell


���w 1 1 h



��and shell

with rein-

��A Clay Bird Trap Operated by Pulling the Trigger. This Is the Most Common Form of Automatic Trap



or al lorced pockets to hold a box it shells be- tween the two. Large shooting glasses of green or amber tint aid the \ision and keep out stra\- bits of dirt or powder. A glove for the left hand, loose is advisable. A felt hat. No collar, can be

��easy to slip on. cap beats any heavy "biled" shirt, no stiff tolerated in the outfit of the trap shooter. The neck must be free and easy. A soft flannel shirt with tie, a neat Norfolk type of suit of neutral color, a cap, and a icrse\- make the best shooting clothes.

���charge into the circle down >-our count, and vide it by the number o shot in the whole load. Seventy per cent 430 is practicalh" 31 seventy-five per cent is practically 320. Shoot se\'eral sorts of loads, and several shots with each load, counting and setting down the results of each. If with anv' one loatl the gun shoots better than seventy per cent and shoots evenly, leaving no apparent "holes" or emj)- ty spaces much larger than the four and one-quar- ter-inch c 1 a \- bird, it is all right. Submit

the patterns to By Pulling a Lever the Clay Birds Are the gun seller. Shot Into the Air Forty Yards Away


��eaniiiiz Hoic to Shoot

��Nothing is more tire- some than the tyro in any game who ex- pects to learn first principles byactually engaging in the game itself. The tech- nique of a game, such as shooting or golf, can be acc|uired in other places tlian on the shooting grounds or the links and will |)ro\e less obstructi\e to those more advanced. Let the t\ro practice at home with the empty gun containing an empty or fired shell to absorb the blow of the hammer, bringing the gun to the shoulder, bedding it firmly, cuddling the face down on the stock until the right eye looks along the rib at a height of two silver dollars laid Hat on the barrel. .At no time must the breech or the barrel obscure the

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