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��Escaping the Barber's Fingers

HENCEFORTH the barber can keep his tiiincrnails to himself. This fingertip infiltrator, which is nothing more than four rubber fingers with i^assajjcs leading to a mini- ature reservoir from which oil and other sham- pooing li(|uidscan be freoU' and san- itarily applied to the scalp, docs away with all the dangers of infec- tion both to barber and patron.

Collapsible Tooth-Brush Case

AREC'F^XT in\ention is a toilet case which is a combination of a tooth- brush and a con- tainer for tooth powder or other (kntifrire. The pocket for the dentifrice is a concentric cas- ing h a \- i n g a discharge open- ing and a per- forated cap. The

tooth-brush is collapsible and fits snugly into the central portion of the case. It is readily adjusted for use and the case is of convenient size for carrying in the pocket. It locks securely.

Keeping the Baby's Bottle Just Right

THE accompanying illustration shows a water bag so constructed that an infant's nursing bottle can be accommo- dated within a central oix'ning and its contents kept at the desired temper- ature. To keep the bottle warm, the bag is filled with hot water, while during the sunnner season it ma\' be jiacked with chopped ice or filled with ice water and will prevent the milk from sourini".

�����A Pipe with a Cleaning Wick

ANEW tobacco pipe has a removable perforated diaphragm or floor for holding the tobacco and ashes and keeps

them away from

the bottom of the bowl. .\ wick extends below the diaphragm into the space where the nicotine and liquid sidistances collect and leads to the top of the bowl to absorb such substances and prevent their pass- ing into the stem.

A Detachable Massage Brush

TH1-". invention pictured in the accom- paining illustration is a specially- c o n s t r u c t e il massaging de- ^■ice which is designed to be attached to shaving brushes. It is easily de- tachable and is as readily secured in its operative posi- tion when needed. It is pro\-ided with a guard which will prevent the possibility of soap and water getting on the massag- ing fingers and possibl\- contaminating the surface.

A Mechanical Oyster-Opener

NOT so picturesque, perhaps, as the old seaman who u>uall\- poses in illustrations of expert o\-ster-openers, the mechanical de\ice tor the purpose recentU' invented will nevertheless meet with appreciation. It is a simple machine which cor (irises a h a n d lexer j)i\otall\" mountetl, which carries spreatling jaws. It can be operatetl b>' an\- one without dan gerof injury to till hands and doc- llie work <|uirkl\ .

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