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���Above (Fig. 4"l, is shown the general guy plan. At left (Fig. 5), is the method of joining pipe sections and attaching upper guys. A good joint is made by butting the ends to- gether and bolting through a sleeve consisting of a 2-foot length of pipe just large enough to slip on. The design as shown is flexible and additional sections of pipe may be added, if desired. At center (Fig. 6), is a view of the base block to hold pipe. At right (Fig. 7) is a side view of wood pole, showing platform and iron loop

��ing. Details of the iron collar are shown in Fig 3. This should be made of i?8-inch by 2-inch strap iron. It has a loop securely riveted on it, made of the same material, of such dimensions as to pass a pipe 2 inches in outside di- ameter, hasten this collar securely to the top of the timber with lag screws. It is also to be drilled for securing the guy cables.

The platform on the mast is 2 feet square, supprjrted on two pieces of 2-inch by 6-incii, boltetl to the timber; the details are clearly shown in Figs. 2 and 3 oi the illustration.

Note that a sjxice ()-iii< li by 6-inch is providetl alongside the timber and between the two supports. Standard I)ole steps are provided and the wooil- work is given two coats of mineral red paint, and lhe|)ortion to go muk-rground is ])r<fcr,ii)ly t.irred. i'lu' pole is then raised in the cxc.uation bi' pro- vided, it should be securiK' gu\i<l by three 7-strand 'JK-i'ieii cables adixed to the injn collar, and trued up by means of tuni-jjuckles.

��We are now ready to proceeii witii the erection of the pipe, which is composed of 20-foot lengths of standard i '4-inch galvanized well-pipe. Black jiipe of the same size, if given two coats of aluminum paint, will be found very satisf.ictory for the purpose.

Do not use pipe unions Ijetween joints, as they are not strong enough. .•X good joint may be made, as in F"ig. 5, by but- ting the ends together and bolting through a sleeve consisting of a 2-loot length of pipe just large enough to slip on.

Erect ill d\ani/ed No. 12 gage iron wires secured around

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