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Making a Wood-Turning Lathe


��f I sHomnFR BLOCK

��The Illustration Tells the Story of the Metamorphosis of an Old Discarded Kitchen Table Into a Piece of Machinery for Practical Mechanics

��IN the corner was an old kitchen taljlc. That was th? onh- thine; handy to be used as the framework in making a wood-turning lathe. A block of spruce 2 ins. thick, 3 ins. wide, and 15 ins. long was first prepared. This had one end thinned down for a distance of 6 ins., and the other end treated in like manner 4 ins. to a shoulder, thus leaving a part 2 ins. thick in the middle portion, through which was bored a cross hole with a three-eighth bit, 3 ins. from the shoulder. A slot i in. wide was then cut through the block, extending in 7 inches.

Another block 2 ins. thick, I'j ins. wide, and 11 ins. long, had one end thinned down to correspond with the thinned portion of the first block, and a hole bored through to register with the hole in the lirst block.

These two blocks are scri'Wed to the table top at its corner, and the holes arc in line with each other to receive the mandrel. Obtain 2 pes. of round three-

��eighth steel, one 12 ins. and the other 4 ins. long. Also obtain a couple of V-grooAcd pulleys. A bicycle repairer can fasten them to the mandrel and spindle. One of them was secured to the mandrel 5J2 ins. from the end, and the other was fi.xed to the spintlle mid- way between its ends.

One end of the mandrel thus made was filed sciuarc, and the otiier end of the mandrel carried the bic\cle wiieel which was easily attached. Two blocks were then made, each of 2 by 2-in. material, 10 ins. long. The lower side of each was then thinned back a distance of 6 ins. from one end to the shoulder and a cross hole with a three-eighth bit bored through the thick part of each block, so they registered. These blocks thus served as bearings for the spindle, so the wheel was located at the rear edge of the table, directly in lini' with the wheel on the s|iindleat the front I'llgi-of the table.

To impart motion to the m.indrel, a hardwood block was cut out, 2 ins. long,


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