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���Instead of closing its doors or moving while where it was and had a new structure built

Building a Bank Around a Bank Without Disturbing Business

A DETROIT bank recently found that so much money was coming in that there was not enough room to store it. Instead of closing the doors and shutting off this desirable influx of dollars, the bankers decided to build a new home for their dollars outside of the old one.

Accordingly, banking hours remained the same. As the old building was torn down, part by part, new olifices were opened in the growing outer structure. There was no interruption. The new building has three times the capacity of the old one.

Steel Cutlery Which Will Not Rust Under Any Circumstances

THE housewife can now cease to worry about tarnished or rusted knives, forks, etc. A new steel has ap- peared from which cutlery is being made which not only takes a I)eautiful polish

��its building was being enlarged, this bank staid around the old without the least interruption

but which preserves this appearance under all circumstances. It neither rusts nor tarnishes in contact with foods or acids and its use is making great head- way. To be able to use a knife or fork and to have it maintain its original brightness by simply washing it is a boon to the housekeeper.

The new steel composition was in- vented in England and is what is com- monly known as an alloy steel. It is not a high carbon steel for it averages only 0.25 to 0.35 per cent carbon but the ingredient which bestows on it its unusual properties is chromium, a chem- ical clement or metal similar to nickel. By incorporating from 12 to 13 per cent chromium in mild carbon steel, the new stainless properties are bestowed upon the manufactured product.

The new steel is more expensive than that formerly used in making steel cut- lery but its lasting properties as well as its appearance and convenience more than offset this extra cost. Its possibil- ities are not limited to cutlerv.

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