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Bathing in Your Trunk

PSM V89 D571 Trunk bathtub combination.png
Above, the metal combination trunk which serves as a bathtub for the family. It is made of sheet metal, enameled inside and is damp-proof for clothing
It is light in weight, yet strong enough to withstand the rough handling which baggage men would give it. It makes a clean storage place for laundry.

A COMBINATION trunk. laundry basket and bathtub is the novel invention of Ole C. and Hannah Lee, Ronan, Montana. The trunk is made of sheet metal, enameled inside and outside to adapt it for use as a bathtub or laundry tub, and it is also provided with an outlet at the bottom, to which a hose ran readily be attached to draw out the water. Besides giving very satisfactory service as a bathtub, the trunk is a clean storage place for laundry.

That an article representing an investment of S15.00, the cost of an ordinary trunk, should be useful only as a container for clothing when traveling, struck the inventor as a waste of capital. What is more, the ordinary trunk does not protect the contents from dampness. This led to the invention of a metal combination trunk, which, while comparatively light in weight, is strong enough to stand the rough handling trunks are apt to receive at the hands of baggage men. Although the inventor has made his bath trunk in only one size, it can be made in other sizes.