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��Why Isn't This Used Instead of Hooks and Eyes?

AN ingenious German invention for . shoe-lacing is intended to take the place of shoe-hooks and shoe-eyes. The ordinary hook is liable to bend out of shape. Often the shoe-lining to ba press uncomfortably the foot. Besides threading the lace through many eyes is tedious.

The new device is a tlat clasp on the surface of the shoe or boot. The clasp is made of the best spring steel. When the lacing is passed around it and the clasp snaps down it is hardhseen imder the lacing. In an inihiced shoe the clasps spring up and stand away from the shoe, as can be seen on the toj) left side of the one in the illustration, so that there is no difficulty in bringing the shoe-string around the hook. By draw- ing the lace tight the hook is pressed down iirmh' on the surface of the leather. The leather then rises a little and covers the edges of the clasps. The new clasp does not lose its shape.

���The clasps spring up and stand away from the sides of the shoe when unlaced

��in the tration.

��The patient, seated comfortably, places his feet on the slats and envelops his entire body, except his head, in a cover- ing which confines the steam. ) A somewhat similar method is em- [)loyed in the steaming of the dif- t parts of the body, of the most import- t usesof thegenerator is for a steam footbath in case of a sudden rush of blood to the head. The way it is used is plai.ily indicated in one tif the illustrations.

The apparatus also gives excellent service as an in- haler for the throat or to steam the nose or ear. The etiuipment forsuch adjustment con- sists of a short, straight tube and a bulb, as shown upper left corner of the illus- Three lengths of tubes are used.

��Steam Yourself and Drive Away Your Ills

A SMALL steam-generator for famii\ use in case of illness has been in- \ented by a German. His generator can be used to steam either the entire body or a single affected part, whether that part be your left foot or Nour right ear or any other member.

When a steam bath for the entire body is desired the kettle shown in the accompanying illustration is halt fillei with water. The shallow pan at the end ol the connecting pipe is then set under the wooden slatting seen near it and the whole generator is placed close to a cane chair, when a bathtub is not used, after which the lamp below the kettle is lighted.

���The device may be used as an inhaler, or to steam the entire body or any separate organ

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