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��At a recent test Michael Pcnha at limes raised the point to a distance equaling three pounds in weight, that being the record of the forefinger. The pressure alone required to produce the characteristically luscious tones of a simple Bach aria averaged two and three quarters pounds per note. The total energy expended amounted to nine thousand four himdrcd and fourteen pounds, or more than four tons.

This same amount of energ\" would be sufiicient to carry a laborer through his entire day's work. Yet it took but five minutes for the artist to exert the same amount of force.

Old Dobbin Carries His Umbrella With Him

A CINCINNATI teamster who wants to make life more endurable for his horse during the torrid summer days when it is out in the broiling sun earning a living for him, has devised a horse umbrella which consists of a canopy of canvas stretched over a steel frame which clamps to the shafts of the wagon. The horse is thus effectively protected from the rays of the sun and wherever he goes he carries the umbrella. When hitching or unhitching the animal it is not necessary to detach the canopy. The horse backs right under it between the shafts as if it were not there. The umbrella not only serves its purpose as a protection against the sun. but it shelters the animal from rain.

����A canopy of canvas is stretched over a stte damped to shafts of the wagon but does not

��The dust collects in a drawer in the bottom of the hopper and the corks emerge cleaned

Cleaning Crown Bottle- Corks in a Portable Hopper

PORTABLE automatic screener las been invented for cleaning crown bottle-corks and any material of granular or lump form, such as coffee-grain or the like. The illustra- tion shows crown corks being dumped into the device. The corks emerge at the bottom, cleaned of any particles of cork or splinters.

The hopper has a series of zig-zag sloping screens in the interior. The corks roll from these zig-zag screens to a rotating wheel with 1 frame which is radial screen vanes,

touch the horse which agitates them.

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