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��Improved Method for Decorative Glass Blowing

A RECENT French patent describes an improved method for hlowinji glass in molds, so as to ol)tain ornaments in relief upon the ^.ll^facc of the oli- ject. Aformha\-ing the shape of the bottle or vase has the decoration put (Ml in wax; then it is co\ered by a suitable molding substance. By heat- ing in the oven, the wax runs out, leav- ing the impression in the hardened mold. Then the glass is blown into the hollow mold, and the glass now takes the shape of the cavities so as to stand out in relief. The mold is carefully broken off the glass, and the design appears in .sharp relief.

What to Do with Small Pieces of Bath Sponge

HERE is a small economy for cleanli- ness and comfort in the bath. As is well known, large sponges soon break up and become useless, and again they


�� ��'■:■ 'i-'-'r^'.'?^^). TURKISH


��A bag made of Turkish toweling for in- closing sponges to prevent tlitir clogging

are subject to being clogged up by impurities which are now recognized to be due to microbe growth within the

��sponge. This is difficnlt to remedy in the case of a large sponge. A new idea is to assemble small pieces of sponge in a bag so as to give about the same shape as an original large sponge. The bag can be made of Turkish toweling or any suitable material. Thus all small pieces of sponge can l)e utilized and can be kept clean easily.

��A Draftsman's Inkstand Which Will not Overturn

A ROVING ink-bottle on a drafting- table is a treacherous thing. To keep it from turning over, take a piece



�FIG 1


�^—/cut ON DOTTED


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�FIG. 2

��The stand holds the ink-bottle in an upright position and prevents it from tipping

of tin or cardboard 3 in. wide and 5 in. long, cut as shown in the drawing, and bend up the tips. the bottle up into this circular grip, and the tin tips will hold it securely. If cardboard is used, put a rubber band around the tips. The bottle will be held securely and cannot be accidcntally o^•erturned.

��Renovating Nickel Plate with Tinfoil and Solder

WHEN touching up worn or rusted nickel parts, first remove all rust and dirt with a file or emery cloth. Heat the surface and cover it with a soldering flux. When suthciently hot, rub a stick of .solder or some pieces of tinfoil o\er it, until it is thoroughly tinned. .After cooling, the surface may be smoothed up with fine emery paper and a piece of flaimd.

This method may be used successfully on motorcycle handlebars. It is hard to tell the diflerence between the lead and nickel, when the work is properly done, and the lead will wear longer.

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