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��More Light on the Occupant of the Dentist's Chair

N ADJUSTABLE lamp for dentists' use will doubtless be appreciated by the profession. In the one described the base, which is i8 inches in diameter, is turned from wood (o match the ofifice furniture. If not convenient to turn it, it can be made of two crossed arms, making a base with four feet. A half- inch pipe, 5 ft. lo inches long, is fastened to the base by passing it through a hole

���A dentist's light adjustable at any angle which furnishes light from two directions

in the center. A long screw, lock-nut and bottom nut and washer make it secure.

Two blocks are drilled so as to slide on this pipe, and thumb screws are topped to bear on the pipe. This permits ad- justment at any height. Each block is drilled at right angles for the }4.-'m- pipe arms, and is also furnished with a thumb screw. This makes movement in any direction possible. The arms arc 30 in. long, and bent to an angle of 30 (leg. al)out 4 in. from the end, which is threaded for an ordinary 16 CP. lam[) socket. The ojicnings through base and the ends of tlu' jjipes ar«- litteil with fibre bushings. The apparatus is wired as shown and fitted with screw I)lug for wall outlcl.

This lamp, [iropcrh' adiu>t((l, will fiirnis!) light at any angle and from two «lircctions at once, the advantage of which is apparent. — H. S. Rue ki:k.

��A Tool for Fishing Wires Through Small Openings

lR1)1.\.'\RY cork screws or screws made from a steel rod in a similar shape will make a very handy tool for



��A tool with screw for pulling wires through small holes in insulation or walls

the electrician in pulling wires through small holes in insulation, walls, etc. In making a special tool, twist one end in cork-screw fashion so that its center will fit over the regulation size. No. 14 gage, rubber-covered wire.

The screw-end is inserted in the hole and turned around to make it take hold of the wire. The wire-end can be easily drawn through the opening. Holding the tool in a slanting position makes it take hold of the object to be removed quickK'. The length of the tool will depend on the user and the kind of work.

��Magnet-Power of Toy Automobiles for Window Display

WH1\\' plug P is inserted it furnishes current for the motor, which in turn rexolves the shaft and also the

���Racing auto- mobiles for window display

��magnets. The same current energizes the magnets. The little automobiles are made of soft iron and when the shaft revolves, taking the magnets with it, the cars follow in the magnetic field. Clears of any size can be .ippiied so the magnets can revoKc at ditTcrenl speeds, and even in opposite directions. — 11. H. PlCAKSDN.

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