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A Washstand Light for Garages

Plenty of light is needed in the garage, and so an ingenious, movable box of lights is used

���A flood of light may be thrown upon any portion of the body of the automobile without subjecting the bulbs to contact with the spray. The box can be elevated to any height

��THE washing of automobiles in garages which is the regular night work of the attendants, is greatly simplified by the use of the novel lighting de\'ice shown in the accompany- ing illustration. It is hung from the ceiling and may be moved up or down alongside the car according to the part being cleaned.

The unit consists of an enclosed tin box with eight electric-light Inilbs in sockets in the bottom. On the top of the box are two hooks to which are connected two small ropes running o\er two pulleys which are suspended from the ceiling.

The ropes then pass to a two-shea\'e pulley on the side wall near the ceiling and then down to a cleat within the reach of a man on the ffoor. By letting out or taking in the ropes the bo.x may

��be lowered or elevated to an\- desired heigiit. It is kept just high enough abo\-e the parts being cleaned to prexent the water from splashing on the bulbs and breaking them.

The bulbs are further protected from injury b>- means of a sma'l wire guard on the bottom of the box, as shown. The cable carrying the light current is attached to the wall with considerable slack, so that it will not interfere with the upward or downward mo\emcnt of the lights.

The box containing the lights may also be laid flat on its side on an improvised stand in order to throw a flood of light underneath the automobile when repairs are to be made or when cleaning or oil- ing is to be done. Heretofore, indi- \idual lights enclosed in wire guards were used. This method was found dangerous.


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