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��A High-Speed Bit That Bores Without Choking

A\ auger-bil has been invented with . several no\-el constructional fea- tures. The twist is just the reverse of all other so-called double-twist auger- bits in that the bit is made very thick at the edges and thin in the center. The tech- nical reason for this change is the generally acknowledged weak- ness of an auger-bit that is caused by its tendency to clog or choke when boring holes more than two or three inches in depth. The twist of an auger- bit is essentially a con- veyer. The rubbing of the chip against the wall of the hole being bored causes it to be retarded and it finally packs so tight that the bit refuses to bore.

In the new t>pe of bit the thickened edge which keeps the chip closer to the center of the bit pro\'ides ample room for chip passage.


���The thread of the bit extends beyond the center of the point

��Turning the Stationary Tub Into an Electric Washing-Machine

THE stationary tubs in the kitchens of our apartment houses have not simplified the task of housekeeping.

��Generally the tubs are so low that they make washing a back-breaking opera- tion. For this reason, probably, sta- tionary tubs in the more modern of our apartment houses are seldom used for washing.

With the advent of an electric washing- machine for stationar\- tul)s, however, it looks as if the family wash- ing might be done at home after all. A new electric washer will help in attaining that end. It is enclosed in a stationary tub and is provided with two mo- tors, one of which is attached to the bot- tom of the tub. The other, which operates the wringer, is on a special platform which, holds a basket, into which the clean clothes fall from the wringer.

As will be seen from the accompanying il-' lustration, a switch- board is built into the tub between the two sets of faucets, so that it is entirely out of the reach of mischievous children.

��Some Weather Bureau Duties We

Overlook in Criticising the

Weather Prophet


��The washer is enclosed in the stationary tub and is provided with two motors and a switchboard

��HY do we ha\e a Weather Bureau? This question is likely to be asked, in more or less querulous tones, whene\'er the local weather prediction fails, as it often does. The inquirer overlooks the fact that the Weather Bureau has much more important things to foretell than ordinary changes of weather. It predicts with cer- tainty great windstorms, de- structive floods, severe freezes and other atmospheric \isita- tions that endanger life and property on a large scale and collects climatic statistics for scientific agriculture.

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