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Supplyiii.ii: the Market with Diieks From

���Above: A duck farm where 124,000 ducks are raised for the market each year. About seven thousand ducks are hatched each week. The photograph shows the ducks drinking from a trough. Water is supphed from the pipe running above

Below: Taking the temperature of the eggs in the incuba- tor. About 2,200 ducks are kept in the nest pens. The eggs are gathered from these pens at the rate of 1,800 a day and put in the incubntor

��Above: The farm upon which the ducks are raised is traversed by a creek which is divided into pens with sloping banks of sand upon which the feeding troughs are placed. The brooding season is not continuous. The incubators turn out their hatchings from early' in March until early in July. Market- ing of the six months- old and year old birds begins in April and lasts until about November. Tlic season for the younger ducklings is considerably shorter


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