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��Popular Scirnre Monthly

���A map of West Virginia made on muslin sheeting. The cities and large towns are designated by tiny electric lights

��Making a Huge Electrical Map of West Virginia

AT a recent galherint;- of telephone men in Wlieeling, West Virginia, a map of the state, ten feet by twelve feet, was made at short notice by A. J. Schulz, of Baltimore. It was hung in the banquet hall and as telephone connection was made with a particular city a little electric light rejiresenting that city would appear at the pnjper place on the map. It was a practical demonstration of how the telephone lines bind together tlic parts of the state, I'cgardless of mniui- tains, rivers and otiier barriers.

In its completed form the maji was seven times larger than the one from which it was made. Tiny electric lights rejjrescnted the cities and large towns. A switch was installed behind the map and an operator (lashed in tin- differeiU cities as they were called.

Collecting Money for Belgians by a Sidewalk Chute

I.\ orrler lo increase the Belgian Kelief i'lmd, the Boston llea(l(|uarlers have iiiveiiifd ,1 novel scheme to secure money

��an iron l)ox from \v collected and then

��from the busy throng which pass the head- quarters day and night.

A steel tube four inches in diameter with a funnel -shaped lop has been in- serted in the sidewalk in front of the building. It is painted with the colors of Bel- gium, black, yel- low and red, and over it is the in- s c r i p t i o n : "Mone>' Drop- ped Here Goes Direct to Bel- gium."

The chute runs directly into the base- ment and into hich the money is forwarded abroad.

���A coin dropped in the lube fill in an iron box in the biiscmcnl, from which point it went straight to Belgium a few days later

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