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Serving Yourself to a Shave

You don't tip anybody and you don't have to wait

����You step in and do tlic )ol' yoiirsflf as quickly as your personal skill will permit

��Down one side of the room are clean, tile- floored, well-lighted booths provided with all the necessary shaving equipment

ON FIFTH AvL'iuu' in is the first "shavctoria" ever built. You serve yourself to a shave there, just as you serve yourself with food at a cafeteria.

When you are in a hurry for a shave, and you know iliat you could do it iwice as (luickly as it could be done in barber's chair, you step into the Kixi'leria. Down one side of the room aredean tile-lloori'd, well-lii-hted boot lis. ]-".ach is pro\i(led with porcehiin la\alor\ . hot and cold running water, antl all lings necessary. \nu do not have to wait. You step right in and do the job up \(nirself.


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