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There's No Place Like a Mechanical Home

����Above: An autoinubilt scat converted into a handsome and comfortable porch rocker

At left: A sink strainer with a revolving center plate to prevent water running out of the sink

At left below: A lemon and sugar dish. The lem- on dish is of engraved glass; the sugar rack above is of pierced silver

At right: An electric heater for the kettle, which can be readily attached

��Above; A mahogany book wagon will carry your books and hold them in readiness

���Above; A combined corn-holder, nut-pick and bottle-opener. It is most effective in holding an ear of corn

At left; A noor-brush constructed like a foun- tain pen. The handle is hollow. It contains water wiiich is auto- matically fed to brush

At right; A flesh

brush attached to a

strap makes it easy

to scrub your back


�� �