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��Here It Is: The New Shaving Harness That Carries Brush, Mug, and Mirror

AXOTHER device has hccn invented to reduce man's misery as he writhes under the razor. This time it is a shaving-harness. The mirror, shaving- brush and shaving-cup are all attached to the harness in positions convenient to the hand. Armed with this e(]uipmcnt a three days' growth of heard can be at- tacked with absolute certainty that the task will be completed without the usual contortions of the head and neck.

The frame which holds the mirror is carried on lazy tongs and is hooked over the shoulders. The lazy tongs have a sliding mounting so that the mirror can be moved out or in as far as desired. Furthermore, the mirror swings on a pivot to any con\-enient angle.

Holders are provided for the brush and shaving-cup. The brush is a little be- yond the mirror, and the cup-holder is attached to the frame where it fits against the body. Evidently the in- ventor, Vicente Aldrete, of Philadelphia, has not considered the use of shaving- sticks and powdered soap. It would be possible, however, to make the cup- holding ring small enough to fit a shav- ing-stick. The harness is collapsible and can be neatly folded away.

����The frame, holding the mirror, mug and brush, is hooked loosely over the shoulders

��With this lock, an automobile robe, rain- coat or other article can be safely left in the car

��When You Leave the Automobile, Lock the Robes!

A THIEF finds little difficulty in re- mo\ing the robes from automo- biles left standing unoccupied at the curb. But a lock has now been in- vented which is designed to clamp the robe so securely that it can not be re- moved from the rod over which it is hung without cutting the robe or other- wise damaging it so that it loses all value as a merchantable article for the thief. Raincoats and other articles may be secured in the same way.

The lock is operated by a combina- tion, so that there is no key to be lost. The only essential is a clear head to re- member the combination. When not in use the lock is left clamped over the rod where it is not a disfigurement, being of neat-looking nickel-plated steel construc- tion three-ciuarters of an inch high and two and one-quarter inches wide when dosed. Several of them might be kept in the automobile ready for use when needed, to insure the safety of the robes or other articles left there.

The lock will also be found convenient for holding the robes and coats out of the way and for preventing them from slipping to the floor when they are not required for use. With a little ingenuity thev ma\- be made to hold anv number

��of shopping parcels.

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