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Miniature Magnet -Propeled Ships

The mysteries of window attractions explained


��Above: Although there is no machinery in the ships they sail steadily along through the miniature waterways

At right: The magnet-trucks are run on toy-railroad sys- tems, with switches, stops and signals under the water

\' MODKL representations of t lie Panama Canal, Xew York harl)(jr and minia- ture naval enjiagements, \-es- sels of ditlerent sizes arc made to sail ihroujih little water- wa>s in a manner truly mys- terious, due to an in\entioii by Louis K. Myers, of Chi- cago.

The ships move at a steady rate through the water. But as nou watch them closely, you notice that the propellers are not moving. What, then, drives the ships? .-\soft, iron strip which hangs several inches below the hull has a



��downward con,iUiation at each end. ter- minating in pole-pieces which have con- nection with an electro-magnet run- ning on tracks below the tar-paper-and- concrete "river bed."

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