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"Shooting Birds with a Camera

��Making intimate pictures of bird-life

��At right: A flock of wild ducks photo- graphed by the gun- camera without dis- turbing the birds

Below: A great blue heron unconsciously posing before the dis- tant gun-camera

��'I'he difficulty of getting close enough to the birds to secure such size or detail has been oxercome b\- Stanley Clisby Arthur, state or- nithologist of Louisiana, through

���T( ) secure photographs of bird life r-o that the plumage detail, identifica- tion marks and such matters dear to the heart of the trained bird student or to those who merel\- delight in \ie\ving pictures of nature, a large image of the object photographed must be secured.

��Above: Birds in flight are as easily caught by the camera as those at rest. At left: The great focal length used increases the size of the image secured

��the use of a '"gun- camera." which con- sists of an ordinary reflecting camera with the usual bellows ex- tension, mounted on a carriage with wheels. The bellows is supple- mented with a tube to ailmii the use of long- focus lenses.

In the camera illus- trated the lens is re- cessed in the far end of the tube so as to ha\e the benefit of a lens-hofKl when working against the sun or light, and fneusing is accomplished in the ordinary wa\ b\ the milled heail.

The de\ice when set u(i i.-. (K-rlectK rigid and enables Mr. Arthur to "[)ick off" birds at ;>nv height or \n tliglu.


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