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��PopiiUu- Science Monlhbj

���Automatic Word Signals for Automobiles

DIFFKRIXC". from other forms of traftic signals fitted on automo- biles in that the direction the car is about to take is indicated at both front and rear and that words are used to de- note those directions, the no\el type shown in the accompanying illustrations consists of two metal boxes, one on the dash and the other at the, rear above the registration plate. Each of these boxes contains an opening before which the words "Ahead," ^ "Right," "Left." "Back" and "Stop" can be displayed at will by means of an electric push-button control attached to the steering-wheel. The words arc cut into an endless roll in each box, the mo\ement ot tin' roll being clectricalK' con trolled and ilUimin.i- led at night. Th control has button for i-ach of the words used. T he si g n a 1 "Aiiead" is always d i s - played to in- dicate that Ml o \ e m (.• n I lint is changed as dcsiretl by pushing one ol llie oilier bnl- tons. The con- trol bullous

��are interlocking, so that onh" oiie signal can be shown at a time. The signal "Stop" is wired up to the foot-brake, so that it appears at the rear whenever the foot-brake is applied. It autoniatic- all\- disappears as soon as the toot-brake is released.

��THK lifter illustrated is m; witler than the ordinar

���An invalid t>i-ing raised from liis bed by means of the mechanical lifter to allow a change of the linen

��Lifting Invalids with a Minimum of Discomfort

made a little r\- hospital bed so that it may be placed, in position by being rolled up to the bed from the foot, the siiles of the lifter just escaping the sides of the bed. It is an eas\- matter to place the snp|K)rting straps under tin- patienl. When the straps are fiiired the frame to lich the\' are attached ma\- be lifted by means of a 1 e \ I- r . In handling te\er patients wlu) require t r e C| u e n t I a t h s the device is of great service. It nut\" also le used lor transport ing |)atient> from one room to another.

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