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��Lubricating Automobile Spring Shackles and Bolts

SPRI NG shackles, or hangers, are good examples of automobile jiarts that are obscured by other parts so that the\' are sometimes overlooked or forgotten when oiling time comes. These jointsform the connecting links between the springs and the frame, and they must support the weight of the frame, motor, body and passengers. The length of the spring varies with the degree of deflection, so that the spring shackles swing back and


��Grease is forced through a hole drilled in the bolt that secures the cup in its place

forth, developing friction at all joints. To prevent the wear on these bearings it is necessary to provide an ample supply of lubricant. These joints are partly, if not wholly, covered by the front and rear fenders, and failure to care for them properly is often the cause of annoying squeaks and rattles.

A simple method of lubricating them employs the grease-cup as illustrated in the drawing. A small hole is drilled in the bolt connecting the grease-cup with the center of the bearing surface. The grease is forced through this hole to the bearing surfaces when the cup top is screwed down. The cups should be filled with a good cup-grease and then turned down until the lubricant is forced out to the bearing. This should be done after every 500 miles; or, better still, on a certain set day each week. At least once a season the spring bolts should be removed and thoroughly cleaned. The hole through which the grease is fed should be cleaned out with a wire and flushed with gasoline.

��A Pocket Flash-Lamp on the Bicycle-Handlebar

ASIMPLE and inexpensive bicycle light may Ijc made by welding to- gether two hose-clamps, such as are used on garden hose, one clamp being fastened to the handlebar and the other to a pocket flashlight, as shown. The two clamps should be riveted together <uid then welded with oxy-acetyl- I'ne or brazed. A flashlight mount-

���Two hose-clamps on a flash-lamp holder

��cd in this way gives very good service.

��Fillers for the Pedal Slots of Automobiles

THE front seats of an automobile, while highly prized by everybody, are not usually the most comfortable, because in summer the heat of the motor is felt through the floor-board and in winter the cold is more perceptible there. This is especially true of the Ford car, which has four large slots in the floor- boards, where the pedals and brake-lever are located.

To close these slots a simple filler plate has been devised, which fits under the floorboards and holds a piece of rubber over the openings. The rubber sheet is slit to allow the shanks of the pedals to pass through so as not to inter- fere with their operations; but theslitsare barely long enough to serve their purpose

���Slots of a pedal plate covered by a rubber sheet so as to prevent unpleasant drafts

leaving no space for air to enter.

Asbestos felt boards may also be used to insulate and make draft-proof the under sides of the floor-boards.

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