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��tagc of being more economical to lieat, especially the lower floors. F"or this type of dwelling, the individual plant is the most satisfactory. In Fig. 2 is shown

��from one part of the house to the other.

The floors in the living-room and

dining-room are of ^-in. tongue and

groove "select" oak, while tiic remainder

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��Fig. 1. Plan of a four-family house in which every room is an "outside" room and each apartment is self-contained, even the cellar being divided into separate compartments


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��a plan of a cheap four-family apartment of the such as is usually erected in the less groove restricted sections of a city. This house wainsco is lo ft. narrower than the one shown in Fig. i. Altliough the buildings are the same length, exclusive of verandas, the ])lan shown in I-'ig. 2 is considerably cheaper to erect, not only on account of the lo-ft. saving in width but because of the iierfect- ly plain roof and other <lilTerences where cost is the <hicf considera- tion.

The fcjuiidations of this house are of concrete blocks laid on a 6-in. footing of concrete. The fire-wall divides the house in the middle of its length instead of the center of the width as in I'ig. I. This fire-wall must be constructed in the same manner as is the wall in I'^ig. i , extending from the foundation wall to the ridge of tiie roof withotil openings of any kind ihiougli which fire could communicate

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��Fig. 2. The cost of this house is compar.n- lively sniull

��flooring is J^^-in. tongue and yellow pine. The kitchens are ted with ?8-i- yellow pine, 3 ft. high, and finished at the top with a suitable cap, while the bathrooms have a 4-ft. wainscot of stamped metal tiling.

The refrigerator space is pro- \ ided in the rear-stair hall, a galvanized iron pipe being placed in the partition so that the water will run away into the floor drain in the cellar. As will be noted from the plan, this jiouse is provided with two \erandas, each of which has a deck for the of the second floor tenants, the decks being covered with canvas, whit-h is much more satisfactory and dm.ible th.ui tin.

In the basement of this house are four hot-air furnaces, and instead of the automatic water- heaters of the more expensive plan, thirty-gallon range boilers are installed in each kitchen.

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