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A Big Christmas Present For Only $1.50

This year give j^our friends a real present, one they will enjoy through the whole year. Give the Popular Science Monthly for 191 7. A year's subscription, twelve months, costs only $1.50. The twelve numbers will contain

over 4,000 pictures over 2,000 articles over 1,800 pages

and will tell the whole wonderful story of the year's progress in invention, mechanics, and science.

A Christmas Gift Card will be sent to each friend announcing your gift. The first copy of the maga- zine and the Gift Card will be received just before Christmas.

Send your list of gift subscribers as soon as possible, and surely before December 15th.

Subscription $1.50. Canadian postage 30c extra. Foreign $1.00 extra.

Popular Science Monthly Gift Club

239 Fourth Ave., New York, N. Y.


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