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The FiL^Iiting Weapons of Seven Warring Powers

���The German Mauser can fire faster than any other rifle used in the war. The magazine holds five cartridges, packed in chargers

The Austrian rifle is the light- est of all, yet its bullet, 244 grains, is the heaviest used by any of the pow- ers. It is very rapid in action

The British rifle is the out- come of the South African War. It holds ten cartridges and is sighted from 200 to 2,800 yards

The French Lebel is the longest rifle. The tube maga- zine under the barrel holds eight cartridges. The bullet used in it weighs 198 grains

The Belgian Mauser of 1889 holds five cart- ridges carried in clips; it cannot be used as a single loader. It weighs over eight pounds

The Russian rifle is 7 in. longer than tlic BritisJi. It is capable of firing 24 bullets to the minute. The bayonet is al- ways fixed

The Italian Mannlichcr- Cnrc.ino is of the 1891 pattern. It is rather slow, discharging but fifteen rounds of shot a minute

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