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Catching Fish by Suction

The vacuum cleaner principle applied to fishing on a wholesale scale

���A suction pipe is connected with a funnel-shaped net and a centrifugal pump, by means of which the fish are drawn up and deposited in a container on board the boat

��THE fish of the deep arc gelling wiser, if one can take the numerous devices in- vented for their capture as a criterion. Nets used by fishermen for centuries arc apparentK' being discarded in fa\or of more recent fisliing in\cnlions. ( )ne of the most recent of tliese is an apparatus for cnlicing the fish into a net ant! tlien (hMwing them up through a pijie to a coiUaiiier on deck. C. P. L)roz, of .\ilvcrsun, Holland, is the inventor.

The apparatus comprises a suction pijie connected with a centrifugal ]iuinp, a source of light suih as an enclosed eleclric lamp placed in front of the suction o|)ening, and a funnel-shaped net so arranged as to guifli,' the fish to the suction opening. The

��fish, seeing the light, enter the net, ap- jiroach the suction opening and are drawn through the pipe and dcli\'crcd to a container on deck.

Steel hoops brace the net and strengthen it so that it retains its sha|)e in sjiiie of the action of the wa\'es.

The, net is secured at its rear end lo the suctioTi |ii|)e and at its front end to a frame pixotalK' susi:)endetl from the boat, so that the net can be removed from the pipe and raised together with the frame to the position shown by the dotted lines in the <lrawing.

There is a recess made in the boat into whicli the jiipi' nia\- be raised and stored awa\' when it is not in use.


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