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What Make of Car Is It?

��By Prescott Lecky


��AS your car a Ro- man nose, pug?

��or IS It Do its ears stand out or lop over? Its eyes — are they far apart or close together, deep- set, large, high or low?

This is by no means nonsense. It is the mclhoil of aulomfjl^ile idenlificatioii now being taught the two hundred and

fifty policemen who guard the oullols of New York city, such as ferries, bridges and main roads. The characteristics of

��New York's police receiving instruction in automobile identification. Fifty-four differ- ent machines are thoroughly learned so that only a glance is needed to tell the make of car

��Every visible part of an auto- mobile is consid- ered separately. To simplify matters, the car is likened to a human being, identification being from three angle s — f a c e , profile and rear as the charts on the picture be- low show

���(he (lilliM'cnl makes of cars JKne been compared and the iiidixiihial fcalmes, or "factors of ideniiruation" c.infullv


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