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���The sheep may balk as much as they like but the endless belt carries them rapidly on

Sheep May Not Like This But It Saves Time

THE thickness of sliceps' wool provides an excellent lodging place for vermin of all kind. This is undoubtedly warm and comfortable for the %ermin, but the sheep and the wool suffer from the unclean presence. On sheep ranches it is the custom to cleanse the stock several times with vermin-destroying liquids before wool-cut- ting season.

J.J. Roherson, a sheep herder in Utah, who is of an inventive turn of mind, devised a machine which should simplify the performance. In a recent letter to the Popular Science Monthly, he writes: "Conservatively, we cut down the cost over one-third by dipping the sheep, to say nothing of the saving in time."

The friendh' and unsuspecting sheep, which goes through his macliine, will probably cherish a deep and distrust- ing feeling towards man forever after. The animal climbs a short runway and emerges upon a swiftly moving floor, which precipitates him upon a trap-door that opens assoon as it is stepped upon. The sheep drops suddeiiK- into a pit filled with \erntin- dcstroying licjuid.

By the time the sheep has collected its befuddled wits sulili- ciently to crawl out of the pit upon the open field, the vermin have been completely ex- terminated.

The ingenious feature of this appa- ratus is the endless conveyor which takes

��the animals along to the trap-door no mat- ter how stubbornh- they resist — and sheep are the most stubborn of all animals which require dipping. Where one sheep goes all go. That is the inventor's reason for having a decoy sheep in a wire netting to entice the others to go forward.

���A Heater for Use Over the Flame of a Gas-jet or Kerosene Lamp

FOR the small room that is not properly heated, or to use for light cooking in connection with illumination the de\ice illustrated may prove advantageous. The traveler or camper who needs a little hot water for shaving or for a cup of coffee will appreciate it also. It is constructed of sheet-brass with an inner and outer dome. When the inner dome be- comes heated, a \acuum is created, drawing the cold air to it through the openings in the outer dome. The heat does not pass through and out at the top, but is expelled in a down- ward direction. It can be used on top of a gas-jet or over the chimney of a kerosene lamp.

Although the con- struction of the heater is strong enough to ac- commodate small cooking utensils, the amount of weight which it will sustain is limited. The principal use for which it is ntended is to supplement the' heat of the furnace or other heating system. It will be found especially useful in the bathroom.

��The heat may be util- ized for cooking or warming the air with- out hindering the illu- mination of the room

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