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��Vopidur Science Monflil//

���At left: The car is carried by an elevator to the top of the basket, from whence it makes a dizzy dive down a spiral track and out upon a sharp inclin?

At right: This slide is coated with

ippery coco-matting in lieu of ice

and has a gap near the end of the

course which the toboggan jumps

��At right: Here water introduces the novelty. The central post revolves and the boat-cars follow the course of the stream over a circular monorail track

Below : A dash under water in an open boat would be thrilling enough for the most daring if it could be made with- out drenching the bold adventurers

���Commciul Yourself lo Ihc Atif^cls When You Ride in This All ncr\'e specialists could afford to ride in expensive limousines if an itiea hatched liv a lielKiaii ^llouId have widespread recep- tion. The paleni claims descrii)e the in\'ention as an "amusement de\'icc." ("ailed!)>■ an\' other name, it would centri- fu^;all\' sna|) the head of any enemy to society from his shoulders with e(|ual adrejitness. The awful thinij is shown in the central picture in the j;roup of three <in page 863. A, of the loop-lhe-loop or scenic railway \'ariet>', is attached to the end of an upright steel pole which is pivoted to a steel frame of con^iiler.dile height. The car r<-\-ol\es once, then is automaticalU' detached from tin- jiixoted pole; it llies through the air, describing a soiners;Milt

��iui.i>>isled, fiiialK' landing upright on an incline — pro\ided that the angels in hea\"en are smiling and nothing goes wrong.

Tickling the hind heel of an irascible mule would be an intelligent and cautious proceeding compared with risking one's precious neck in this machine. The linal in- cline might well be made to termin.ite in the back entrance of an undi'rlaker's establishment, to facilitate deli\er\\

Asidi' from an occasional freak such as this, impro\ements upon or einbellish- nieiils lo the scenic railways of oiu" child- lu)od occupy the time of most amusement inventors. A helical track, not unlike the "Waslebasket of Dizziness" mentioned pre\iousl\', is the most absorbing feature of another ne<-k-breaker. The car a.-^centls the >, and a li>t)i>-tlie-loop is in.serted


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