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Twelve Cylinders or Six in One ^kCar

��A mere twist of the wrist makes the change

���The transformation from a twelve to a six-cylinder automobile is accomplished simply by turning a lever carried under the steering-wheel. This cuts out the left-hand block of six cylinders

��THK latest thing in automobiles is a car with a t\vc'lve-c\lintler motor which can he changed to a six by the mere twist of the wrist. While it gives great power for c|uick acceleration and for hill climbing and flexible control on high gear, the twelve-cylinder motor is ne\erthe- Icss a large consumer of gasoline and there- fore expensive to operate. While the power of the twelve is ad\'antageous under some conditions, the bulk of the driving of the ordinary car is done under conditions that could be ec|ually as well done with a six as with a twel\e-c\'linder motor, and at a lesser consum|)tion of gasoline. To meet these conditions, a Cincinnati automobile manu- facturer has brought out a lwelve-c\'linder car which can be changed to a six at will, simply by turning a le\er carried under the steering-wheel.

This transformation is si-iured by cutting f)Ut the left-iiand block of six c\linders. The cut-out is in turn accomplished b\- means of a camshaft placed over the exhaust-valve rocker-arms. At the rear end of this shaft is a ball-and-socket joint connecting it with a sli.'.ft attached to the steering column ami carrying .it its iip|)er end the o()eratf)r's le\-er. The movement of this lever ri-vol\-es the camshaft and prt'sses the c.inis down upon the rocker- amis of the exhaust -valves and holds the valves open, s<> that there is no i (>mpres>iiin

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���With the tiinuMK of llu U\ci .1 l,.lU;!':y vnlvc in the left intnkc mnnifold is closed so that nn pas reaches the cut out cylinders


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