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How Inventors Are Meeting Young America's

����When the handle of the toy above is pulled the three figures on the merry -go- 'round revolve

Under his Orient- al robe the little Japanese carries a mechanism which enables him, when wound up, to wall: sedately and draw after him the beauti- ful lady in the cart, who waves her hands about in a very animated fasaion in appreciation of the ride

Below : A wheelbarrow which may be taken apart and put together again will teach the child t'.ie construction of the toy

���Place these two little figures on the edge of the table and tap the table. They will engage in : lively danct Their action de pendsonaspring and ball.beanngs

��In oval below: When you take this little doll by the hand she will walk with you in a remarkably natural marmer, provided you wind her up first, i the joints both her knees and her ankles

Below: A sand cart equip- ped witli a sifter and shovel. This cart, too, may be tak- en apart and may be pack- ed away in tlic cart-body


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