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���A tank truck at the dock at New London, Conn., delivering fuel to the United States submarine D 1 shortly before the submersible left port to participate in the maneuvers of the Atlantic Squadron

��Gasoline Tank-Trucks as Tenders to Our Submarines

��Preaching the Gospel from an Automobile on the way from San Diego to Sweden

X, now an c\ as he says in his ser- . . mons, a follower of the race tracks, is

States Navy in sui)])lying oils and gasoline bound from San Diego to Sweden, in the to submarines, hydroplanes and other land-yacht church shown in the ilkis'tration. types of naval vessels along the Atlantic Thompson built the bodv, painted it and and Pacific coasts. decorated it with religious texts. Then he

The speed of the trucks is important

��1\RGE fleets of tank trucks operated "VTHI.S TI lOMINO." -/ by the various oil companies are 1\| but formerly, as proving valuable adjuncts to the United ' " ' '

��in delivering vast quantities of fuel, thus making it unnecessary for na\al craft to lie at the docks for long periods awaiting the arrival of these highly essential supplies. The great capacities of the tank trucks permit the oil companies to deliver large f|uantities of oil and gasoline in one haul. On arriving at the dock, a long section of rubber is used to transfer the load direct to the fuel compartments of the vessel.

��The accompany! Iilidtograph shows a tank truck at the dock in New Lon- don, Conn., deliver- ing fuel to the I'uited Slates sub- marine D-i shortly lufore the submer- sible left port to p.irlicipale in the pageant and ni,uu-u\ers of the Aliantit- S{|uadron.

���The cviinnclist does Ins prciuhinn from the plat- form of the truck. The interior is n cosy home

��purchased a two and one half ton chassis, mounted his church-home upon it, and started for San Diego. .-Vftcr holding revival services there he set out the mountains to San Ikrnardino and thence eastward into the desert for a cross- country tour. On reaching the Atlantic coast he plans to ship his car to Swedin where he will resume his work.

Distillate, a petroleum ])n)duct lower in jjr.ide than ga.soliiie, is used for fuel. It costs about nine cents a gallon the west. A distillate- burning range inside the truck draws its fuel from the same tank which feeds the engine.

Mr. rhonipson does his own driving and makes his own re- pairs on thi' trip. Mis lamil\- travels with him in perfect l\ comfortable st\Ie.

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