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��Vopulur Science Moiithh/

��A Combination Lamp

and Horn for the


0\I-" of the newest attailiinonts for motorcycles is a com- bination horn and lamp to be fastened to the handlebars, the shell of the lamp form- ing a base for the support of the casing of the horn. It is the in\'entif)n of Perrin B. Whitney, of New York cit\-.

The shell of the lamp is round, as shown at lo in the detail, and contains a reflector 1 1 , which is so constituted as to

form a resonating chamber for the horn. One or more light bulbs, 12, are also con- tained in the shell, and connecting wires, 13, pass outward through a specially arranged

���The shell of the lamp contains a reflector, which forms a resonat- ing chamber and serves as a sup- port for the horn

��into disk-shape, 19, from which a number of short posts extend to the axis of the shell. To these posts the cvlindrical casing which is the contaiiier for the horn is secured. This casing may be closed by a lid, or co\er, 23, through which the wires, 25, leading to the electric vibrator 24, of the sounding device, ex- tend.

The construction is very compact and simple. The sound- ing qualities of the horn are greatK" in- tensified b\' the reso- nating chamber provided b\' the lamp shell. The device is adapted for use on auto- mobiles and other vehicles as well as for the motorcycle, the shell being provided

��socket 14. A portion of the shell is flattened with means to attach it wherever desired.

��Money Prizes for Motorcyclists

Send In Your Kinks

��IF you are a motorcyclist, if >ou have devised simple ways of making re- pairs, if you have improved your ma- chine in any way, this will interest you.

The PoPUL.VR SciKN'CR Monthly offers a first prize of $25, a second prize of $15 and a third prize of $10 for articles in which motorcyclists will de- scribe and illustrate the methods which they have successfully employed for (nerconiing trouble, for making C|uick i([)airs by the roadside or more difficult ni)airs in the shop, or for making attachments wherebv- the use of the niiitorcycle has been broadened.

The three prizes will be awardetl l)y I lie editors of the Popular Scienxe .Monthly in the order of merit. What is more, even though your article may not win a prize, the editors may buy it at the usual rates, just because it is so good.

Tiierc arc no limitations to this prize offer. We don't care for fine jihrasiiig, lull wi' dii c.ire for good mcch.iniiMl

��ideas. Rough pencil drawings or photo- graphs will do for illustrations.

The ft)llowing conditions are to be observed :

(i) Articles must be written on one side of the sheet only.

(2) Write your name and ad.lrcss in the up-

per right-hand corner ol the tirst slicet.

(3) Enclose postage for the return of the


(4) Don't send in articles on ideas which

ha\c already been published.

(5) Uon't send paper ideas — things that

you haven't actually done yourself.

(6) Address the envelopes cont.iining ar-

ticles to

"Motorcycle Contest Editor"


239 Fourth Ave.. New York City

The contest will close on December 31st, i()i6.

The mone\- for the prizes will be paid promptly after the awards haw l)een m.ide.

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