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��Simple Means of Removing Tarnish from Silverware

ASIMPLE method for removing tar- nish and discoloration from silver- ware is as follows: Fill an aluminum or porcelain dish with warm water and dissolve in it some sal soda. The tar- nished articles should be immersed in this solution for several minutes, when the silverware may be removed, bright and clean.

The Tea-Table Idea Applied to the Kitchen

A BALTIMORE woman, Mrs. Jo- seph Eiseman, has patented a new kitchen device which is designed to save

���A light table on wheels is a great con- venience to the housewife in the kitchen

women many steps in the process of dish washing and other household labors.

She had her husband build for her a light kitchen table on wheels, with a handle like that of a baby carriage, so that it could be pushed around the kitch- en, just like a drawing-room tea-table. On its four sides the table has a series of hinged leaves, which ordinarily hang flat. When desired, they can be braced upright, which practically doubles the table's size, or again they can be folded entirely upward to convert the top of the table into the bottom of a box having no top.

To the housewife the advantages of this arrangement will be immediately ob- vious. The table may be wheeled just outside the dining-room door, where the dishes from the dining-room can be placed on it at once. When the meal is ended, the table is wheeled back into the kitchen. There it can be wheeled directly to the sink for the washing.

��Quickening the Flow of Oil When Cold

��DURING cold weather it is difficult to make heavy oil, such as that used for motorcycles, run out of a small opening. If a piece of }i-\n. copper tubing is bent in a U-shape so that it will go inside the opening and admit air,

the oil will run out

much faster. If this tube is made long enough to enable one end to be placed in the mouth so that air maybe blown into the interior of the can, the heaviest kind of oil can be forced out at the rate of more than a

���Making sluggish oil flow more swiftly

��gallon a minute. — Norman S. McEwen.

��Using Discarded Range Boilers for Air Pressure Tanks

THOUSANDS of range boilers are thrown away every year, as soon as they become corroded, even in one or two spots. They may be used for air- tanks in brazing, by carefully cleaning the spots v^here the leaks have been and then soldering pieces of sheet brass over the holes.

��How to Make Spiral Springs with Breast Drill

SPIRAL springs can be easily made by means of a small hand drill and a vise. The drill is fastened at the knob A in the vise B, as shown in the illustra-

���Winding spiral springs is an easy task with a small hand drill held in a vise

tion. A core C is placed in the chuck along with the end of the wire. The wheel can be turned with one hand and the wire D guided with the other. The core C may be any size desired, accord- ing to the spring. — John Bansert.

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