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Books Mean Success

You can't get on in the world unless you read — read the books which will make you more valu- able to those for whom you work. You don't have to go to college. Edison never went to col- lege. But he has probably the finest library of technical books in this country.

If you want helpful, practical books on elec- tricity, mechanics, mechanical engineering, wire- less, aeroplanes, sheet metal work, repairing, write to the Popular Science ^lonthly's Readers' Ser- vice Bureau. Tell us in what subjects you are interested and we will compile a list of books, with their prices.

We will send more than a mere price list. We will select out of a hundred or more titles the very book which, in our opinion, meets your requirements.

Whenever you are at a loss for an inexpensive, practical book, or for information about books, write to

Popular Science Monthly's Readers* Service Bureau 239 Fourth Avenue, New York

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