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Angels and How They Are Created

���Pieces of painted glass being fired in a kiln. The glass remains in the kiln for several hours and if the exact shade is not obtained it must be fired again. This is an antique method but no modern way has superseded it

��At right above: When each tiny part of the pattern has been covered with a corresponding piece of colored glass, the pieces are cemented into place with lead and the com- pleted pattern is then very carefully polished

��At right: The central panel is a large stained-glass window. This panel appears in its finished form. The photograph immediately below shows an artist working on it

��Putting the final touches on the pajiel shown above. The artist is working with the panel attached to the window in order to judge the light effects. At the right of the panel is a chart upon which is accurately out- lined the various parts which go to make up the finished piece. The artist constantly refers to this in painting her figures


���At left: Fastening the small pieces of stained glass to the plain glass with gum. This is a slow and laborious method, but it gives the window- maker the first definite idea of what his window will look like. Later the pieces of stained-glass are leaded in

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