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Drop to Drink Where They Are Made

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��From the mold the bottles, still hot and soft, are transferred to a red hot table. The waiting boy grips the bottles with a special instrument and slides them into the annealing oven where they are very slowly cooled

��At right above: The molten metal is poured into a mold which is swung under a compressed- air machine, like the one at the right. The air is forced into the mold where it blows out the glass, making it thin and smooth

��At right: While the bottle is getting its size and shape in the mold It is also getting its label. Here the man is cut- tins the monogram into the iron mold so that every hnished bottle may have its label incorporated in its makeup

��After twelve hours of gradual cooling in different compartments of constantly lower temperature, the trays of bottles are taken out and the bottles are transferred to cases, ready to be shipped or stored

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