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for Gasoline Users

��Don't use gasoline near a machine

��In a single year in the United States 1,040 persons were burned to death and 3,120 persons injured (a weekly average of 20 persons killed and 60 persons injured) on account of gaso- line fires. From the transportation of gasoline alone there recently resulted a yearly damage amounting to nearly $118,000. Nearly all such disasters and losses are due to carelessness

���Don't wash the hands with gasoline

��Don't smoke cigarettes while cleaning clothes with gasoline.

If you are cleaning silk with gasoline, don't rub it hard. Violent rubbing of silk generates electric sparks that will set fire to the gasoline.

Don't clean automobile parts with gasoline in an open can. Two pieces of metal striking together will cause a spark.

Don't smoke cigarettes while filling your fuel-tank.

Don't use liquid-fuel lamps with glass oil- wells if you can get metal ones.

Don't use gasoline in a room where there is an open light or flame of any kind.

Don't pour out more gasoline than you intend to use.

Don't use gasoline in a room where there is a machine which may cause arspark.

Don't spill gasoline.

Don't use gasoline to wash your hands.

��Don't use gasoline where there is machinery with belts. Electric sparks are produced by the belts.

Don't use gasoline in a room where there is machinery- with shafting.

Don't use gasoline in a room where there are electric switches or fuses.

Don't use gasoline in artificial light if you can help it. But if you must, see that the lights are electric and that the bulbs are provided with guards to prevent them from being smashed.

Don't use gasoline in an open pan without a cover. Keep the cover handy and cover the pan when you are not actually using it.

Don't fill the tank of your liquid-fuel stove full.

Don't use a leaky liquid-fuel stove.

Don't fill a gasoline stove in a room unless the windows are open. You need plenty of air to carry the vapor out of the room.

���Don't clean automo- bile parts with gaso- line in an open can

��Don't use gasoline in a room where there is an open light

��Don't smoke cigar- ettes while cleaning clothes with gasoline

��Don't rub silk hard when you are clean- ing it with gasoline


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