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��Popular Science Monthly

���You don't need to scratch your phonograph records when starting them, for the flashlight shows you the exact position of the needle

��A Flashlight To Show the Position of Talking-Machine Needles

SOMETHING new in the line of attach- ments for talking machines has been placed on the market by George E. Ber- necker, a well-known Milwaukee electrical designer and inventor, who has developed a flashlight illuminating device, which makes it easy and safe to operate talking machines in the most subdued light.

The illustration above shows the flash- light attached to the machine. The light is flashed directly upon the path of the needle so that there is no danger of the record being scratched when the machine is started.

��New Type Motorcycle Uses Two- Cycle Motor with Magneto in Flywheel

LOOK at the accompanying picture of a new motorcycle. Notice that it is not driven by gears and that it is very simple.



���Since a two-cycle instead of a four-cycle motor is used, as well as a flywheel mag- neto, the usual valves, gears and cams are dispensed with. The employment of the flywheel magneto elimi- nates a series of driving gears and sprockets so that the only drive taken off the crank-shaft is that of the main belt drive to the rear wheel.

The flywheel magneto is a new departure in motorcycle construction. It is cup- shaped and has a heavy rim, to the inside of which are at- tached a pair of permanent magnets as shown in one of the accompanying illustrations. The arma- ture coils, the circuit breaker and the con- denser are mounted on a circular plate which is carried on a boss on the crankcase of the motor and which fits snugly into the cup- shaped portion of the flywheel, without, how- ever, contacting with the inside of the rim. At every complete revolution of the fly- wheel the field magnets are brought into proper relation with the armature to induce the igniting current. At just the proper in- stant a cam mounted on the flywheel hub operates the circuit-breaker, causing the spark to jump the plug gap. The timing of the ignition is effected by loosening the clamps holding the stationary plate to the crankcase boss and rotating the plate slightly in the proper di- rection.

The advantage of such an arrangement is that there are fewer parts " to be greased and cared for or to get out of order.



��The flywheel magneto is cup-shaped and has a heavy rim to which is attached a pair of per- manent magnets. There are none of the usual valves, gears and cams in this machine

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