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The Styles in Our Modern Houseboats Run the Gamut

����Above: A modern bungalow type of houseboat, in which the only economy is that of space. It is furnished in the same style as if it stood on solid earth

��At left above: Some city apartments are smaller than the dining-room alone on tnis commodious houseboat. There

are even fresh flowers for decoration

��At left: This bedroom is an actual photo- ^^t %u^^ s^PPlanter of the seaman's ^' c -t '^ "°t^ing suggestive of a sftip s fumishmgs anywhere in the room

��Below: A sailing vessel which has been converted into a luxurious houseboat The majority of these boats, however depend on gasoline, not on the v/ind

���Above: There is solid comfort in the hving-room which is modeled after the "den" at home. Note the high ceiling and the many little details which speak of personal ease and enjoyment The sunlight streams into this room not through a porthole but through a real window


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