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Is the Price Which New York City Pays for Food Safety

��Inspectors ruining a barrel of spoiled fowl with kerosene oil before the owner could place it in cold stor- age. All rotten meat is removed and shipf>ed to Barren Island. Here it is converted into fertilizer

��Below: Examining a dough-mixing machine in a baker>-. Bakeries in the tenement districts require con- stant watching. But thanks to modern machinery, conditions are better than they ever were before

��At right at bottom of the page: Inspector examining "candled out" eggs to detect "too close" candling, which means that eggs witli only a few slight spots have not been elimi- nated from among the sound eggs

��Below: Passing on German carp. The gills must be a bright but natural red to assure the inspector that they are fresh and unpainted. Fraudulent dealers used to paint the gills with a carmine solution


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