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An Armored Motor-Car for the Navy

It is manned by a crew of three and equip- ped with searchlights and machine guns

���In the tipping test shown below the car stood at thirty degrees with two wheels off the ground without tipping

��THE United States Ma rine Corps, first of our services to use motor-trucks in war- fare, will be equip- ped with armored motor turret-cars

for its use in tropical expeditions. The turret-car weighs five thousand pounds, travels forty-seven miles an hour, and carries a crew of three men. It has wire- cutters for road obstacles, searchlights for night fighting, and machine-guns. The armor, sloping at forty-five degrees, will stop the bullet fired from a service rifle at one hundred feet. The turret has four gunports, allowing fire in any direction.

This armored car will be carried aboard ship. When lowered into a motor sailer or sailing launch it will rest on joists placed fore and aft on the thwarts. The boat is beached stern first and the car is run ashore in fair weather over planks hooking on to the stern, or in bad weather by shear legs and a multiple block.

In the tests the car took ditches and plowed fields and ran hub deep in sand. When tipped by use of a ship's crane the

���When placed on a sailing launch the armored car will rest on joists placed fore and aft on the thwarts as shown

��car stood at 30 degrees, with two wheels off the ground without tipping. The uses to which it may be put are obvious.

��The Rubber Stamp Has Many Uses, Good and Bad

IT is not contended that the rubber stamp is exactly on the same plane of importance as the rubber tire, but in value of annual product these two commodities stand in about the ratio of fifty to one. The car owner's annual contribution ag- gregates approximately $200,000,000. That of the stamp user is about $4,000,000.

But in one particular the stamp far surpasses the tire — in number.

There are 12,000,000 tires in use in the United States, to-day, while of rubber stamps there are 100,000,000.

The rubber stamp does its work faith- fully and cheerfully. In fact it has become recognized as a symbol of unquestioning obedience, and one statesman will charge another with being a "rubber stamp" in fealty to an opponent.

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