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Where the High Cost of Living Is Unknown

����Above: There are times when Nature seems unduly prod- igal. The ordinary- coconut is meaty enough and almost too rich for food; but these giant speci- mens grew in pairs like Siamese twins

����At left: The prob- able reason why the nutmej is among the cheapest of commodities is that it grows in such profusion. The kernels are encased in shells like chest- nuts which oF>en up when ripe

��At right: A vege- table product of the tropics which re- sembles cannon balls growing on climbing vines but which contain a lus- cious pulp on which the natives feast

��At left: A fungous growth found on trees . It resembles ruffles of fine lace or stif- fened netting as deli- cate and beautiful as any employed on women's apparel and has no known excuse for being

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