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New and Bigger Jobs for the Sturdy Truck

���A fifteen-ton steam-hammer moved a quarter mile on rollers by an automo- bile chassis. So heavy was the piece of machinery that steel rollers placed under it were crushed like egg shells

At left: A new jack to lift the wheels off the floor when the car is in the garage. The lip of the jack is placed under the hub and the lift is accomplished by a single upward motion of the hand

��At right: Preventing back draughts of dust with an air scoop. The wind pressure enters the scoop, placed at the front of the side- car, and is forced out at the rear, break- ing up the air eddies that carry the dust

���A radiator shutter, operated from the driver's seat, keeps the water from freezing

��An electric street-sprinkler with sprinklers in front, giving the driver better control. The three-ton truck carries an eight hundred-gallon water tank


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