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��yellow on another. This enables one to tone to different and appropriate colors those patches of the picture corresponding with different colors in the chart. It is then only necessar>- to combine the blue and yellow pictures face to face, to obtain the required color photographs. Should transparencies be made, to correspond with the separated blue and yellow colored portions of the chart photographed and then overlapped, it will be possible to obtain not only patches of white, where no color appears in either positive, but what will pass for a very good substitute for black where the very strong yellow of one plate overlaps the blue of the other.

The panchromatic negative plate can be used for making a blue print on glass by exposing with a fixed-out plate, sensitized with blue-print sensitizer solution. The yeliow picture positive can be obtained by means of the lantern slide negative used with a collodio-chloride printing-out paper. The fixing should be done with ammonia to give a yellowish red positive. This positive should then be attached face to face to the glass blue-print and then a tvN^o-color photo- graphic effect will be obtained.

You Can't Find Your Brushes or Your Razor in Your Bag ? Then Try This

AX automobile accessory L which is intended to do away with certain trou- bles of the tourist, such as the mis- placing of brushes, combs and other toilet articles, has been incorporated i n the product of a Philadelphia ma- ker of bags and suit- cases. As shown in the accompanying illus- tration, it consists of a strap slipped through the slots in a band sewed to a leather flap which fits into the cover of the suitcase and is held in place by means of snap buttons. Each toilet article is slipped into one of the strap loops. Then the strap is pulled tight to hold it in place. The loops are adjustable for larger articles by removing the strap from one slot and inserting it in the next. When filled, the flap is folded over into the cover and held in position by snap buttons.

����The cork bricks are laid in Portland cement over a sub-base of crushed stone or ashes

Comfortable Cork Brick Flooring for Cattle

THE search for a warm, non-absorbent flooring suited to the needs of horses, cows, hogs and sheep has led to the adop- tion of cork brick. The brick consists of finely granulated cork and refined asphalt, heated and thoroughly mixed, and then molded under pressure into bricks nine by four by two inches. The flooring is laid in cement mortar over a sub-base of concrete and crushed stones or ashes.

Asa flooring for stables, cork brick has been found to be dur- able in service, warm, easy under foot, and entirely sanitary. It is also practically noiseless, never 5lipper>', readily installed, and moderate in cost. Breeders of prize stock cattle have been on the alert for several years for an impro\ed type of flooring to protect their stock against changing weather. Cork brick flooring is said to give a maximum of comfort. One chief advantage of it is that it allows of frequent washing because it dries so quickly and be- cause it does not become slippery and dangerous under foot. Several large dair>' farms in the middle west are said to have installed the new brick in their barns.

��Each article fits in the loop of a strap which is adjustable to different sizes

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