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��Popular Science Monthly

���By pressing the foot-lever the door opens. By the use of branched rods under the car both doors may be opened at once

��the car to be moved toward the rear and with it the curved bar and the snap bolt, thus unlock- ing the door. When the pressure on the pedal is released, the dash-pot on the pedal lever forces the door to close and lock automatically. One device can be used to open either side door alone or both doors simultaneously. Each door is provided with a knob on the snap bolt to open it from the rear seat independently of the foot operated device.

��Automobile Doors May Be Opened from the Driver's Seat

REMAINING in his seat, the driver of any two-seated automobile may un- lock and open the rear or tonneau doors with his foot, provided the doors are fitted with the simple device shown in the accompanying illus- tration. This consists of a bevel-ended snap bolt holding each door closed by means of a coil spring, the rear end of the bolt having a pin working in a slot in a downwardly- curved bar positioned in a curved recess between the inside and outside of the door. The rear end of the bar is connected with the rear end of a long rod beneath the car body and bent up through a slot in the floor. The forward end of this rod is attached to the lower end of a lever pivoted to the floor of the driver's cab, the upper end car- rying a . pedal. A dash-pot preferably of the pneumatic type, is carried ahead of the lever and connected with its lower extremity.

A push on the pedal causes the rod under

���A — Latch. B — Barrel. The thumb operates

��Shoot the Robber with Your Pen-Knife Revolver

A POCKET knife which has two blades and an attachment that enables it to discharge a twenty-two caliber short cart- ridge, either blank or ball, is one of the latest novel- ties to be placed on the market. It is said to be practically as effective as a regular twenty-two cal- iber revolver of the short barrel type. It is three inches long and one-half inch wide.

You hold the revolver in your right hand with the back e'dge up. You pull back a little latch on the back of the knife, and at the same time the barrel is tilted forward and opened with the left forefinger. Then you in- sert the cartridge and latch the barrel securely. The trigger is placed on the side of the knife in a raised position, ready for firing. You hold the knife in your right hand with the end of the right thumb on top of the trigger. Press the trigger down quickly and the cartridge is exploded. It is aimed in the same way as any ordinary revolver.

��C — Trigger, the trigger

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