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���Samples of spun paper cord and rope. 1. Single strand package twine of American make. 2. Package twine of Swedish make. 3. Same as No. 1, medium weight. 4. Cable clothesline (Swedish). 5. Variegated skipping rope. 6. Horse blanket webbing. 7. Three-strand rope. 8. Same as No. 1. 9. Heavy package twine. 10. Single strand package twine (Swedish).

��have just been described, a host of other woven materials that are made from paper thread are being successfully manufac- tured. These include such important com- modities as artificial linens and leathers. Traveling-bags and suitcases made from artificial leather are now selling for five and six dollars apiece. Other types of matting which are made by similar processes but which employ different mixtures of paper thread, serve a diversity of uses.

Thus paper mattings are taking the place of burlap wallpapers; they are serving as backing for linoleums and oilcloths, and

��they are being used in great quantities in the making of fancy paper novelties. And these facts become all the more amaz- ing when we consider that the entire spun- paper industry is but a few years old.

By far the most astonishing progress, however, has been made in the substitution of spun paper for expensive cotton and flax in the making of artificial linen. The United States is not alone in this, however. Germany and Austria are now using spun paper far more extensively than are we; in fact, their use of it has enabled them to solve many of their war problems.


��A. Heavy closely woven three-strand paper burlap used for bags and bagging. B. A single-strand, open-weave pap>er onion bag, reinforced and edged with paF>er pulp and sewed with cotton

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