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��Making a Coin Disappear at a Word of Command

HERE is a clever method of causing a coin to disappear. The apparatus required is very simple and easy to make, and the effect is satisfactorily perplexing.

���The manner of disposing of the inner cup with the coin. Its hook catches on the coat sleeve

The performer extends his left hand which holds a small circular metal cup, or box, painted some bright color on the outside and jet black on the inside. Transferring the cup to his right hand he asks a spectator to drop a coin into the box while it is thus extended. The left arm and hand are now outstretched and shown empty, and with the right hand which still holds the cup, the left arm sleeve is pulled back and the metal cup containing the coin is placed in the palm of the left hand as in the illustration. At a command the coin vanishes and the box can be closel>- examined b>' the audience.

The trick is accomplished as follows: The cup contains a smaller cup which fits in it very easily and this smaller cup is lined and covered on the Outside with cotton dyed a jet black to match the inside of the metal cup into which it fits. A small wire is attached to one side of it and extends upward, terminating in a hook. This smaller cup, which is only half as high as the one into which it fits, is slipped into the

��larger cup, the black wire hook which extends over the edge being kept covered with the thumb. When the coin is dropped into the box it falls into the inner cup. This is done while the box is held in the right hand. When pulling back the sleeves of the left arm this hook is allowed to catch into the cloth of the coat, which auto- matically pulls out the inner cup containing the coin. The covering of black cotton on this inner "fake" deadens all noise.

Any boy can do this stunt after five minutes' practice and will find it baflfling, although it is one of the professional magician's most cherished little secrets. It is needless to say that the performer must stand slightly to one side so that no one can see the hidden "fake" when it catches on the coat sleeve.

��Photographing Magnetic Field Lines Without a Negative

THE method described will produce perfect photographs, if the directions are followed carefully. In a dark room, lighted only with a ruby light, place a

���The lines of force taken on by the iron filings when placed over the magnetic field

magnet beneath a non-magnetic surface. Place on this surface a piece of developing paper with the sensitized surface up, and on this sprinkle iron filings in a thin layer.


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