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��A plant that is too large for the suds bath should be sprayed with clear water. Small quantities of bone meal and wood ashes must be stirred into the soil occasionally, or the plant may be watered with liquid manure or ammonia water — a teaspoonful of ammonia to i qt. of water.

Rubber plants are given treatment similar to that of palms, but the soil should be kept more moist. Oleanders are treated in the same way. Aspidistras require less water than the palms and rubber plants. A dr\' sandy soil is required for the cacti.

��Heating a Rusty Nail to Loosen It for Pulling

WHEX pulling a rusty spike from wood heat the nail head with a hot solder- ing iron, candle-flame or blow torch and it will come out easily. This method works equally well with rusty screws and screws that will not turn.

��How to Make an Adjustable Dra wing- Board Stand DRAWIXG-BOARD stands are usually clumsy affairs, at best, for a substan- tial support is neces- sary- to keep them from toppling over under the weight. The illustration pic- tures a very strong stand, or supports for the board, to hold it in a sloping posi- tion, adjustable to different heights and




��Details of the parts and manner of mak- ing the joints for the drawing-board stand

angles. The materials used in its con- struction may be of any straight-grained

��wood suitable in appearance and cost. Good pine or poplar is appropriate. The following is a list of materials required :

���A substantial drawing-board stand which is adjustable to any angle and height

1 Drawing-board 17 by 22 in.

2 Standards 27 in. long, 3 in. wide and I in. thick. 2 Sliding standards 30 in. long, 3 in. wide and i in. thick.

2 Rails 26 in. long, 3 in. ^-ide and l in. thick. 2 Rails 24 in long, 3 in. wide and i in. thick. ' 2 Rails 22 in. long, 3 in. wide and I in. thick. I Rail 24 in. long, 2 in. wide and I in. thick.

1 Top board 26 in. long, 8 in. wide and I in. thick.

2 Pieces for the feet, 16 in. long, 3 in. wide and i in. thick.

2 Braces 10 in. long, 3 in. \\-ide and i in. thick.

2 Braces 14 in. long, 3 in. wide and i in. thick.

3 Pieces for adjustable supports 22 in. long and

1 in. square.

2 Brackets for underside of board 4 in. long and

2 in. wide.

1 Board 22 in. long, 12 in. wide and i in. thick.

2 Bolts ^2 by 2}^ in. with thumbnuts.

The drawing shows the manner of con- struction. The main standards or supports are joined together by four cross-pieces or rails fastened in place with dowels or long wood screws. If screws are used procure round-headed ones. The braces are fitted in on the prop)er angles and fastened with screws. The two upper and longest cross- pieces are fastened to the edges of the stan- dards to make a space between for the sliding standards.

The sliding standards are joined at the

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