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��Popular Science Monthly

��A rolled up coat or dunnage bag is a good substitute for a, pillow and when these are not available put a block of wood under the brush at the head.

The extent of the provision supply will be governed by the proposed duration of the trip, but do not figure too closely. Better come out with a surplus than be hungry.

��Removing Automobile Engine- Valves Enclosed in a Sleeve

AN automobile engine-valve set in a . sleeve is rather difficult to remove at times owing to the fact that both sleeve and valve must be removed at the same time and the former is apt to bind in its casing. A simple method is to remove the lever-arm that depresses the valve-stem and slowly turn over the motor-shaft. The air compressing under the valve will drive it from the cylinder-head.

A Bolt Washer Used for a Nut Lock

TO prevent bolts or nuts from becom- ing loose through vibration, a special metal washer, as shown in the sketch, may be inserted between the head of the bolt and the surface of the wood or metal. The washer A may be made of sheet iron or brass about 1/32 of an inch thick. After the bolt has been tightened so as to grip the washer firm- ly, the edge of the washer is made to turn over the edge at B, while the other

�����Metal washers with comers turned up to make the nut vibration-proof when it is set

projecting end is bent up around the nut or head of the bolt. In this way the washer grips the nut and prevents it from loosening. The corners of the washer are shown bent in their holding position at C and before bending at D. Such a washer is only applicable to bolts and cap screws where they are used in pairs and close together.

��Making a Kick-Mobile for Snow and Ice

THE illustration shows how the kick- mobile may be used for winter sport by substituting a skate-runner for the

���A skate-runner makes an excellent substitute for the wheels on a skate-mobile for winter sport

wheels. If it is difficult to remove the wheels from the kick-mobile the entire skate-mobile can be made as follows: The main part or foot-rest consists of a board 18 in. long, 4 in. wide and i in. thick. The bottom view of this is shown at A. The shape of the board represents a large shoe- sole, on which a block B, also the shape and size of the shoe-sole, is fastened. This is used for a base on which to clamp the skate, just as you would fasten it to a shoe. The steering-post is a broom-stick with its ends squared off, or tenons made to fit into mortises. The mortises for the handle are cut into the crossbar in its center and in the front end of the base A . These should be made a close or drive fit to make them solid.

The details of the upper end of the post and handlebar are shown at C. Glue and brads fasten this joint in place. A little to the rear of the central part of the plat- form, a block D 14 in. thick is screwed on and used as a buffer or stop for the heel of the shoe. It is best to use hardwood for all parts and to paint or oil the surfaces when the machine is complete. The skate may be removed for sharpening at any time. On snow roads it is not necessary for the skate to be sharp, for a dull skate will run satisfactorily.

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