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��An Old Steam-Boiler Used As a Coal-Bin

��THE owner of a discarded fire- tube boiler made use of it in a very unique manner as is shown in the illustration. The tubes were removed and the boiler set up with the ash- door opening at the bottom. The fire-door was filled in with wood, and a box was ar- ranged at the ash-door to re- ceive the coal as it falls to the bottom. The coal is put in at the top and set- tles down grad- ually as it is removed from time to time from the box at the base. — Hamilton A. Hooper.

���The boiler set on end to be employed as a coal-bin

��How to Protect Mounted Curiosities from Dust

MOTHS, butterflies, lichens, moss, leaves, etc., can be effectively pro- tected from dust by a case of simple con- struction. Select two sheets of glass of the same size, and fasten the specimens to one sheet by a touch of glue. Then glue a strip of wood around the edge of the glass on the same side as the specimens. Next glue the other sheet of glass to the wooden strip and bind the wood with passe partout paper. Specimens will keep for years in excellent condition in such a case. To hang it, glue a piece of linen to the glass. A mirror hung in the back of the frame will reflect the specimens and add a touch of beauty to it.

��Crumb Tray Quickly Made from a Candy Box

AN inexpensive crumb tray for emer- jl\. gency use may be made from a candy box. Take the top part of the box and break off one of the sides. Then the side may be used for the crumb scraper and the remainder of the box for the crumb tray.

��Chemically Hardening and Dust- Proofing Cement Floors

A LIQUID preparation for chemically hardening and dust-proofing cement floors that have begun to crumble has recently been invented by a noted scientist.

This product differs radically from the paints ordinarily used on cement floors, inasmuch as it hardens the floor through and through by a chemical reaction. It is a colorless liquid, very easily applied with a long-handled brush, which contains cer- tain chemicals that weld the loose particles of sand and cement into a hard, solid, impenetrable mass. It does not change the color or appearance of the concrete in any way.

As this is not a mere surface coating which can wear off in time, but a prepara- tion that changes the very nature of the concrete, its benefits are permanent and it hardens and dust-proofs cement floors for life. In factories, where the dust from cement floors gets into the intricate working parts of expensive machinery and causes serious damage, this new preparation will be particularly welcome. Moreover, it renders the floor impervious to grease, oil and dirt, so that a clean, sanitary condition is easily maintained.

An application of this preparation dries quickly so that its use does not interrupt business. If it is applied at night, the floor can be used next morning as usual.

��Fire-Escape Window Bracket with Lowering Basket

THE illustration is descriptive of a fire- escape that is quickly fastened to any windowsill. A strong basket arrangement is provided in which a person or persons may be lowered to the ground by ropes. The device consists of a bracket-support with two U-shaped arms which hook over the sill of the window. To the ends of the outside extending arms are pulleys over which the ropes supporting the basket are run.

also provided as a means of getting from the room into the basket.

���Basket and rope de- vice for a fire escape

A short ladder is

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